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I'm Michael Graves and I am a professional singer and vocal coach. And I am here to teach YOU how to sing.

  • Be Confident in yourself as a singer!

  • Know your Notes are right before you sing!

  • Learn how to Sing in Tune!

  • Discover the power of the "3 Voices"!

  • Learn how to Shape Your Notes like the Pros do!

  • Master the Art of Singing!

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  • Not hitting the right notes, can't sing in tune, or just being 'Pitchy'?

    You will find the answer to this in Singing Elements 2 & 3 - Conceptual Placement & Pitch. The two core Elements to singing in tune. Take a minute and without singing a note, can you mentally 'see' where the notes are sung in relation to each other? Which ones are higher? Which ones are lower? Do you have finely tuned muscle memory of the notes you want to sing?  These Elements are where you Master Pitch.

  • Can't wrap your mind around How To Sing Like a specific artist or genre?

    As mysterious as this may seem, the mechanics of how your favorite artist sounds are very basic and easy to learn. Singing Elements 4 & 5 are Resonance and Shaping. Simply put, how you mix the '3 Voices' and how you Shape your words and sounds are the ONLY two things that determine how you sound.

  • Have you taken vocal lessons but still Not Satisfied with your progress?

    Most vocal lessons teach you 'tips & tricks' or strange and mysterious exercises that address a specific problem without teaching you WHY they work when they do. They don't give you the proper foundation to build upon. Almost EVERY pro has an intimate knowledge of the basics either through proper training or native ability. If you're not making progress, something was skipped. Period.

I can fix that..

for less than $1 a day!

There are only 6 Elements of Singing


There are only 6 Core Elements of Singing that make up every professional singer that EVER was. The only difference between you and them is their mastery of these fundamentals.


All you need to master the same 6 Elements that make the pros sound so amazing, are specific tools to master those same fundamentals. 


The lessons and exercises in Singing From Scratch are precisely what you need to master Each Element of Singing to a razors edge.

so what are the 6 Elements of Singing?



The first and most important part of singing is you, or more specifically the singer in you.  It’s not only your voice or vocal health, but also your level of confidence and mental attitude that make up YOU as a singer.


This is where things like vocal care, warm-ups, stage fright, breathing, etc are addressed. As the singer, you are what all other Singing Elements are built upon. So it is vital that this Element be as rock solid as possible..

Conceptual Placement

This element of singing is probably the most unknown, overlooked, and basic element of singing. It is quite literally the ability to mentally get the concept of general pitch and note placement.


We get a mental concept of something we are going to do before we do it. Baking a cake. Walking out the door. Whatever. You can see with the ‘minds eye’ all the actions and motions in your mind before you begin. The better the concept of pitch and note placement, the better you will be able to produce those notes with your voice.


Singing ‘in tune’ is singing in pitch and is the most essential element of singing. Unfortunately it is also the most common roadblock.


But this roadblock is so easy to overcome if Elements 1 and 2 are established. Understanding, recognizing, and duplicating Pitch are the key factors of this element. Learn what it feels like, not just sounds like, but feels like to be in tune.


This is where the road to the advanced Elements of Singing begin. Once a singer has the basics of Conceptual Placement and Pitch under control and can produce correct notes, the next thing is to learn and master the quality of those notes.


And that begins with understanding how sound resonates within the ‘3 voices’ or main areas of physical resonance – Throat, Mouth, and Nose.


With the proper shape combinations of voices, vowels, and accents, you can learn how to master any genre of music. This is what makes a pro sound like a pro.


Every one of the factors within this element can be broken down to its basic parts and laid bare for mastering. Incidentally, this is the main weapon of the master impressionist or versatile actor as well.


Once all other elements are in place it is time to add the final finishing touch. Using vibrato and volume in various combinations to convey emotional expression is called dynamics.


Taking all the other Elements and wrapping them in a layer of dynamics is what makes singing art. This too can be taught.

The book that started it all...

Everything in my courses is based on this orginal book.

Actually, everything you need to learn how to sing and master the basics is right this book.


Hardcore DIY'er? Then this is for you. It also comes with a complete SFS Glossary as well to help you with your studies.


Here's What's Inside


115 Videos (and growing) covering all of the 6 Elements of Singing.


45 Drills or Exercises (and growing) to help you Master the art of singing.

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What My Students Have To Say

I’ve always dreamed of singing well.  I play blues and funk guitar with improvisation pretty good.  But I always wanted to sing.  Your course really opened so many doors for me.  It’s unlike any singing course I have seen. Very unique way of describing sound, thinking about frequency and pitch. Great exercises, that opened a world of singing to me. I can’t thank you enough Michael!

Jason Caplan

I can clearly understand the concept of music. Such great teaching. Understanding notes and how they are formed in relation to how we hear them is a perfect strategy for learning. Learning to sing is a great foundation for learning to play an instrument. This is a great course. Highly recommended.

Karen Abramczyk

I love this course. The instructor really knows what he is talking about. And this is solid information with no fluff. I highly recommend it. Thank you Michael for such a valuable course!!

Tanya Belz

Exactly as promised. No fluff. No filler. Just the knowledge of techniques to develop the skills needed to sing on key. If this can start me singing, it can help anyone.

Shayne Carter

A fabulous course. This course has made me appreciate the importance of pitch and how to sing in tune. This has been a great learning experience. Thank you.

Mish Mahoney

It’s to the point and it’s not just lecturing and going on and on like the other singing course I bought (which I found irritating and far too demanding for what I’m wanting to achieve). This one seems more like what I’m wanting.

Val Leveson

I completed the course without doing all the drills but I have definitely seen some improvement already. I will now do the drills as recommended and I will sign up for the next course because I like the teaching style. Thank you Michael!

Marie Barrett

Great course – I liked the pace and depth and that you provided sufficient theory for the course to be “self contained” and accessible to many levels.

David Favelle

I really enjoyed this course! I’m an absolute beginner, and it walked me through step-by-step to the point where I was playing with Pitch. I plan on buying his book Singing from Scratch to continue with the rest of the exercises.

Danny Dixon

About Me

I’ve been performing since the age of 4. In fact my first memory of singing is harmonizing with the whine of my mothers vacuum cleaner at the age of 2. At age 4, I was singing with my mother and father in my fathers traveling Country and Western band. From those very formative performing years, a long and gratifying career grew that spans 35+ years and still growing.


I’ve performed at some of the worlds most prestigious venues like the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles , The Ryman Auditorium (Home of the Grand Ole Opry) and The Grand Ole Opry House among many many others all across the United States, in Europe, and Asia.


Throughout the years I’ve loved sharing my knowledge and abilities as a singer and a performer with several students, aspiring musicians, singers, and performers.


After being told numerous times that I should organize all of this and “write a book or something”, it finally sunk in and I sat down and put pen to paper (so to speak) and wrote Singing From Scratch. Which of course turned into the Singing From Scratch Course.

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